This unique method combines top quality Lambda C-Print with the breathtaking result of the acrylic mounting, on a maximum size of 100 x 150cm ! The C-Print is engaged between two acrylic panels. We use a clear acrylic on the front side and a black glossy on the backside, each one at 3mm thickness. An ultra clear adhesive is used to mount the print between them. Finally the hanging system is installed on the back side, so it is ready to be hanged.

Metal Print

The aluminium is only 1.2mm thick and extra light weight. This is a great advantage while hanging on the wall or shipping. Each has the appropriate hanging system on the backside so it is ready to be hanged! Metal Print will be your best option for hotel, office, restaurant, and home interior decoration, as long as signage, art applications and photographic exhibitions its highly durable to temperature and water .

Paper Print

Printed on Lambda C-print .Light-sensitive, resin coated paper with glossy emulsion. Offering intense blacks, better contrast and more vivid prints. Delivered in a roll.

Paper & Dibond Print

Lightweight and rigid, this cut plastic material consists of a flexible polyethylene core covered with Lambda  C-print paper . Delivered ready to be hanged .

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