Marina Vernicos Collection – The brand

The epitome of wearable art

The Origin

Marina Vernicos is an internationally renowned and award winning Greek photographer. The brand Marina Vernicos Collection was born when she decided to merge her passion for art photography with her love for fashion design. In 2010, having selected some of her most characteristic imagery she launched her first collection which consisted of clothing and summer accessories. Since then, the brand has been bringing to life innovative, timeless and elegant pieces that create a harmonious symbiosis between the worlds of photography and fashion. Every piece in our collection is unique and each photographic print delivers its own design story. Through the years the brand evolved and is now offering a variety of products including clothing, accessories, shoes, lifestyle products and jewelry.


Marina Vernicos draws her inspiration from the inherent beauty of nature with the water element at the epicenter. Greece, her home country, with its unique light and ecstatic seascapes makes an ideal scenery and is an endless source of inspiration. Her goal always remains to highlight and showcase the uncontested beauty of Greece.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Today more than ever the world faces major social, economic and environmental challenges. Marina Vernicos Collection acknowledges the fact that being socially and environmentally responsible as a brand is of outmost importance. Our brand operates an ethical and no waste policy trying to find the perfect balance between style and consciousness. Marina Vernicos Collection consist’s of high quality, long lasting and timeless pieces to support the Slow Fashion Movement. All of our products are eco-responsibly made. Our packaging is fully recyclable. We reuse and repurpose excess fabrics and materials into new products and packaging. Having a strong social responsibility and awareness our business believes in giving back to the community and creates impactful synergies with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that share the same values in order to help them fundraise and reach their humanitarian targets. To leave a positive imprint on the world is at the heart of our preoccupations and our commitment to progress.

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