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My love for Mykonos and photography are the reason this book was created, and I
am pleased to share it with you. The 100 photographs featured in this collection
are a testament to my admiration for the unparalleled beauty of Mykonos and the
neighboring islands of Rhenia and Delos.
Photographic work calls for dedication to the principles and ideas that allow one to
capture, through a lens, the very essence and form of beauty.
Having spent my holidays on the island since childhood, Mykonos constitutes a
source of endless memories for me, a magnificent place I now enjoy with my friends,
husband and children, forever enchanted by the surrounding Cycladic light and rush
of Aegean waters. Blessed are those who have the opportunity to dwell on this island,
and the chance to experience such beautiful nature in its alternating seasons.
I have traveled to many places around the world, but Mykonos for me is simply one
of a kind, as it is for millions of travelers who will always yearn to return to the freespirited
island of aesthetic emotions.
Mykonos has always compelled me to photograph her. The island possesses a unique
energy by which one seldom comes, in other parts of the world. I photograph Mykonos
every time I visit. What fascinates me is that every time is different. The island evolves,
grows, blossoms, welcomes, hosts, opens, closes, like a bright flower on dry terrain, with
a striking Aegean Sea backdrop. The same eye, the same lens, at the same location,
always capturing something different: a continuous movement, a change.


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