Sifnos is a unique island. An island full of light, where one can rediscover their inner self and travel peacefully back in time. For me Sifnos is the most beautiful island in the world. An eternal source and a constant cause for the best moments in my life. It is the place that defines my origins and fulfills my desires.


Prior to visiting Antarctica in January 2009, i doubt i had been to a place where there has never been war, where environment is fully protected, and where the birds and mammals are not afraid of humans. Antarctica is like nowhere else on Earth and offers endless fascinating images.

My Acropolis

In 2002 I moved to a house which had a view to the Acropolis. The eternal, unchangeable light and the energy reflected by the monument had a magical effect on me from the first moment. The photographs have been taken from my balcony the last 10 years. During those years I understood even more, the significance of the effort to bring back the Parthenon marbles where they belong.

Through the lens of time

Wherever in the world I have travelled, Greece -and the Greek islands, in particular- have always been my reference and my point of return. I have included certain photographs from Namibia, choosing to juxtapose the Aegean’s familiar light and the mysterious aspect of a unique and distant land in a spirit of comparison and playfulness which I commit to the judgment of my readers.


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